[Numpy-discussion] David's build_with_scons branch merged!

David Huard david.huard@gmail....
Fri Feb 8 09:27:09 CST 2008

Jarrod and David,

I am reporting a success on FC8, Xeon. Some tests don't pass, but I don't
believe it is related to the build process.

Well done,


2008/2/8, Jarrod Millman <millman@berkeley.edu>:
> Hello,
> In preparation for the upcoming NumPy 1.0.5 release, I just merged
> David Cournapeau's build_with_scons branch:
> http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/numpy/changeset/4773
> The current build system using numpy.distutils is still the default.
> NumPy does not include numscons; this merge adds scons support to
> numpy.distutils, provides some scons scripts, and modifies the
> configuration of numpy/core.  David has extensively tested these
> changes and I did a very quick sanity check to make sure I didn't
> completely break everything.
> Obviously, we will need to push back the 1.0.5 release date again to
> ensure that there is sufficient testing.  So please test these changes
> and let us know if you have any problems (or successes).
> David has been putting in a considerable effort over the last several
> months in developing numscons.  If you are interested in the
> advantages to Davids approach, please read the description here:
> http://projects.scipy.org/scipy/numpy/wiki/NumpyScons
> Thanks,
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