[Numpy-discussion] CVXOPT and OpenOffice

Guilherme Flach guilherme.augusto.flach@gmail....
Fri Feb 8 10:48:59 CST 2008

Hi, I'm trying to use the CVXOPT extension for OpenOffice under
Windows, but I got this error: CVXOPT might not be installed. On the
"CVXOPT plugin for OpenOffice.org Users's Guide" I have seen the
warning "The installation of CVXOPT must be in a location known to the
OpenOffice.org spreadsheet. On a Linux system this corresponds to a
regular "system-wide" installation. For other platforms installation
may vary."

So what is the right location to install CVXOPT on Windows in order to
make OpenOffice found it?

Thanks in advance.

Guilherme Flach

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