[Numpy-discussion] Setting contents of buffer for array object

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Sun Feb 10 19:17:02 CST 2008

> Ah, I see. You definitely do not want to reassign the .data buffer in
> this case. An out= parameter does not reassign the memory location
> that the array object points to. It should use the allocated memory
> that was already there. It shouldn't "copy" anything at all;
> otherwise, "median(x, out=out)" is no better than "out[:] =
> median(x)". Personally, I don't think that a function should expose an
> out= parameter unless if it can make good on that promise of memory
> efficency.

I agree - but there are more efficient median algorithms out there
which can make use of the memory efficiently.  I wanted to establish
the call signature to allow that.  I don't feel strongly about it

> Can you show us the current implementation that you have?

is attached, comments welcome...

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