[Numpy-discussion] Building a static libnumpy

Jussi Enkovaara jussi.enkovaara@csc...
Thu Feb 14 05:17:31 CST 2008

Jussi Enkovaara wrote:
> It is of course very cumbersome as one has to specify all the modules which are 
> written in C before compiling the actual interpreter. I think that the whole 
> procedure cannot be automatized, but it should be possible to have distutils to 
> create the static library and produce maybe the lines to be included in 
> Modules/Setup. Thus, one should first create a minimal interpreter, then build the 
> necessary extensions statically with this minimal interpreter and distutils, and 
> at the end create the full featured python interpreter.
> At some point I tried to look the distutils source but I did not have the time to 
> understand it properly so that I could make the necessary modifications.

In case some one is interested in using numpy in systems without dynamic 
libraries, I have made some notes in our wiki 

The tricky part is actually building the special python interpreter, after minor 
changes to distutils one can create static libraries of all numpy c-extensions 
with normal "python setup.py build".

Best regards,
Jussi Enkovaara

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