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numpy.ctypes uses ctypes to work, it consists of some additional utility

There was a discussion on this some time ago (SWIG, ctypes, ...) with David
(C.), Gaël and others.

Why translating some code to C ? Why not using f2py ?


2008/2/16, dmitrey <dmitrey.kroshko@scipy.org>:
> hi all,
> I intend to connect some C code to Python for some my purposes.
> What is the best software for the aim?
> Is it numpy.ctypes or swig or something else?
> IIRC ctypes are present in Python since v2.5, so it's ok to use just
> ctypes, not numpy.ctypes, or some difference is present?
> Another one question: if I'll translate a fortran code to C via f2c,
> which % of speed down should I expect (in average, using gfortran and
> gcc)? Afaik it contains operations with sparse matrices.
> Thank you in advance,
> D.
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