[Numpy-discussion] [ANN] numscons 0.4.1. Building numpy with MS compiler + g77 works !

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Tue Feb 19 03:03:04 CST 2008

Albert Strasheim wrote:
> Good stuff. I noticed that the Launchpad page says:
> "I decided not to support dynamic linking against 3rd party dll.
> Because of intrinsics windows limitations, it is impossible to do it
> in a reliable way without putting too much burden on the maintainer."
> I might note that I had problems with NumPy and other C code crashing
> randomly when statically linked against MKL 9.1 on Win32 (probably
> when using multiple cores). Dynamically linking fixed the problem. I
> haven't tested with MKL 10 yet.
Yes, it is a problem, at least it is advertised as such on mkl release 
notes (static vs dll). I could use PATH and get away with it, but I am 
reluctant to do that, because it is really fragile. If I could be sure 
that nobody would complain about it when it does not work, then I would 
do it in a minute (codewise, it is trivial; actually, the development 
version of numscons does it, because it is useful for debugging).

But by experience with all my other packages, windows installation is 
always  what get me the most emails, because windows is more fragile, 
and its users less aware of technical issues. I am okay spending time on 
code, much less spending time on a platform which I do not use, on a 
project which I am working for free. So it really boils down to either 
someone pays me to do it, or someone tells me how to do it reliably (I 
would of course do something which works reliably, if anyone can explain 
to me how to).



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