[Numpy-discussion] [ANN] numscons 0.4.1. Building numpy with MS compiler + g77 works !

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Tue Feb 19 03:54:17 CST 2008

> > Now that you provide an installer for Atlas, it may become the same
> > problem as MKL, can't it ?
> It is exactly the same problem, yes. Right now, my installer does not
> modify the environment at all (like MKL or ACML, actually), and you have
> to do it manually (add PATH, or put in system32).

OK ;)

> > Yes, they will complain to you for sure, but I can't see where dynamic
> > libraries can become a problem :
> > - are they numpy dlls ? is so there is a problem, I agree with you
> numpy 'dll' (they are technically dll, but are named .pyd on recent
> version of windows) are mandatory, and is not a problem: it is handled
> by python (whose import mechanism knows how to import dll not in the
> path env var).

Yes, that works as long as there are no "real" dll that were built at the
same time.

> - are they external dlls ? If so, the installer must have set up
> > everything so that everything works, but this is where people bark at
> > the wrong people : the users of the dll and not the installers.
> Well, neither ACML or MKL does it, at least the versions I looked into.
> You have to launch a special cmd.exe (like for VS2005) which import the
> variables.

That's almost stupid... I understand now what you meant :|

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