[Numpy-discussion] Matching 0-d arrays and NumPy scalars

Francesc Altet faltet@carabos....
Thu Feb 21 01:41:50 CST 2008

A Thursday 21 February 2008, Travis E. Oliphant escrigué:
> Hi everybody,
> In writing some generic code, I've encountered situations where it
> would reduce code complexity to allow NumPy scalars to be "indexed"
> in the same number of limited ways, that 0-d arrays support.
> For example, 0-d arrays can be indexed with
>     * Boolean masks
>     * Ellipses x[...]  and x[..., newaxis]
>     * Empty tuple x[()]
> I think that numpy scalars should also be indexable in these
> particular cases as well (read-only of course,  i.e. no setting of
> the value would be possible).
> This is an easy change to implement, and I don't think it would cause
> any backward compatibility issues.
> Any opinions from the list?

Well, it seems like a non-intrusive modification, but I like the scalars 
to remain un-indexable, mainly because it would be useful to raise an 
error when you are trying to index them.  In fact, I thought that when 
you want a kind of scalar but indexable, you should use a 0-d array.

So, my vote is -0.


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