[Numpy-discussion] Matching 0-d arrays and NumPy scalars

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Thu Feb 21 11:08:32 CST 2008

On Thu, 21 Feb 2008, Konrad Hinsen apparently wrote:

> What I see as more fundamental is the behaviour of Python container 
> objects (lists, sets, etc.). If you add an object to a container and 
> then access it as an element of the container, you get the original 
> object (or something that behaves like the original object) without 
> any trace of the container itself. 

I am not a CS type, but your statement seems related to
a matrix behavior that I find bothersome and unnatural::

    >>> M = N.mat('1 2;3 4')
    >>> M[0]
    matrix([[1, 2]])
    >>> M[0][0]
    matrix([[1, 2]])

I do not think anyone has really defended this behavior,
*but* the reply to me when I suggested that a matrix 
contains arrays and we should see that in its behavior
was that, no, a matrix is a container of matrices so this is 
what you get.

So a possible problem with your phrasing of the argument
(from a non-CS, user point of view)
is that it fails to address what is actually "contained"
(as opposed to what you might wish were contained).

Apologies if this proves OT.

Alan Isaac

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