[Numpy-discussion] ufunc for user-defined type

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Fri Feb 22 10:01:08 CST 2008

Neal Becker wrote:
> Now that I have my user-defined type, I want to add some funcs.
> According to the numpy book, I need to use:
> PyUFunc_RegisterLoopForType
> The book says I first need a ufunc.  The only way I see to create one is
> PyUFunc_FromFuncAndData.
> Is the the correct procedure?
You'll have to do some digging because the API allowing low-level loops 
for user-defined types is not well tested or vetted.   Also, don't be 
surprised if you uncover some bugs.

The concept is that you create the UFunc with the "built-in" types using 
PyUFunc_FromFuncAndData and then you add loops for the user-defined type 
using RegisterLoopForType.

So, you have the basic procedure down.


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