[Numpy-discussion] Moving away from svn ?

Ondrej Certik ondrej@certik...
Fri Jan 4 06:25:55 CST 2008

On Jan 4, 2008 12:56 PM, David Cournapeau <david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp> wrote:
> Neal Becker wrote:
> > There is a mercurial plugin for trac.
> >
> as well as a bzr one. The problem is more related to performance issues
> (cheap things in svn are not cheap in DVCS, and vice-versa). For
> example, the trac-bzr plugin is really slow for timelines (it takes
> almost one second on a local server !); I have not tried the
> trac-mercurial one much.

We switched from svn to Mercurial in SymPy, I wrote some info here:


But basically, once you try "svn merge" and you go through all the pain
and then try DVCS (I only use mercurial and git), you never want to come back.

Our central repo is here:


and I can just fully recommend. We converted all our svn history to
it, so now, I frequently
browse the history of sympy (because every clone of the repo has it)
if I need to look at something. I never used that with svn, because
it's painfully slow.

We were basically only deciding between git and Mercurial, but we
chose mercurial, because

* we are python guys and Mercurial is in python+C, very nicely written
and they accept patches (Kirill, one sympy developer, has posted
several already, to implement features he was missing - he used to use
darcs before)
* Sage uses it


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