[Numpy-discussion] Moving away from svn ?

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Fri Jan 4 09:50:52 CST 2008

> As a linux user, I don't see the point of a GUI for most tasks related
> to bzr :) I sometimes use bzr-gtk, though. On windows, it seems that
> qbzr is the most windows-friendly. I don't know the state of
> TortoiseBzr, but I will find out soon, since I have to set up a system
> to coordinate change at my lab, and I intend to test more thoroughly
> trac+bzr+TortoiseBzr.

I tried to test qbzr, but I could find where and how to launch it, and it
seemed less advanced than olive, so I stopped trying :| But as you said it,
a lot can be done in command line (and should be done this way, even for

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