[Numpy-discussion] Initial Hg experiences on Windows

Bill Baxter wbaxter@gmail....
Sun Jan 6 10:32:22 CST 2008

I've been playing around with Hg on windows for an hour or so now.  My
overall impression is that the installation process isn't quite there

The basic binary installer goes very smoothly, and after that I was
able to open up a prompt and type hg commands right away.  But going
through the tutorial I ran into some issues:

*) After running the binary installer, apparently you're supposed to
go edit some .ini file to specify your username.  It seems it will
work ok even if you don't set your username, but since it is
apparently highly recommended, the installer just should ask you as
part of the install process.

*) Despite all this talk about great merging capabilities, for Windows
there is *no* merge functionality installed by default.  The merge
page (http://www.selenic.com/mercurial/wiki/index.cgi/MergeProgram)
explains how to get merging working on Windows.  But what it gives you
is a confusing list of alternatives without offering any guidance as
to what the trade-offs are.  It mentions "batteries included" binary
distributions as one solution without giving any link.  It offers an
hgmerge.py script as a solution but then is wishy-washy about how you
specify it in the Mercurial.ini file (just "hgmerge.py" or "python
\path\to\hgmerge.py"?).  The hgmerge.py script itself relies on
pywin32 for some of its functionality, but that is not mentioned
anywhere (well, it is now because I edited the wiki...)  Without that
it fails to find some installed merge tools but catches the import
exceptions and reports no error.   The page also fails to give a clear
recommendation as to which merge tool to use, and they are *not* all
created equal.  It managed to find DiffMerge already installed on my
system, but DiffMerge does a terrible job of automatic merging.  It
couldn't properly merge two lines added to different parts of a

*) After failing to run any merge program, I got the hgmerge.py script
installed and tried to redo the merge.  No dice "error: uncomitted
merge pending".  But I didn't merge anything yet!  A hint about how to
rerun or undo the failed merge would have been a little more user
friendly.  I fortunately stumbled across a web page telling me about
hg rollback, and that seemed to do the trick.

So I think the installation on Windows is a ways away still from what
I get from installing TortoiseSVN, particularly the merge thing.
Hg/windows really really needs to come bundled with at least a
rudimentary merge program that's all configured properly.

Hope this is useful info for someone.

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