[Numpy-discussion] Initial Hg experiences on Windows

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Sun Jan 6 11:24:25 CST 2008

> > *) After running the binary installer, apparently you're supposed to
> > go edit some .ini file to specify your username.  It seems it will
> > work ok even if you don't set your username, but since it is
> > apparently highly recommended, the installer just should ask you as
> > part of the install process.

For bzr, it is a known instruction, whoami, that specifies the username.

> I don't think that any DVCS is where svn is in this regard; mercurial
> does not seem to be, bzr is not either, and git certainly is not.

Unfortunately :(

As far as command line is concerned, I know for a fact that the
> official bzr installer does work on windows (I use bzr on windows, in
> particular for my work related to scons integration with distutils).

I can confirm that it works too, and besides for the BZR_SSH environment
variable if there is a bzr+ssh connection, I had no trouble with bzr.

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