[Numpy-discussion] Bugs using complex192

Matts Bjoerck Matts.Bjorck@gmail....
Mon Jan 7 03:00:56 CST 2008


I've started using complex192 for some calculations and came across two things
that seems to be bugs:

In [1]: sqrt(array([-1.0],dtype = complex192))
Out[1]: array([0.0+-6.1646549e-4703j], dtype=complex192)

In [2]: sqrt(array([-1.0],dtype = complex128))
Out[2]: array([ 0.+1.j])

In [3]: x
Out[3]: array([0.0+0.0j, 1.0+0.0j], dtype=complex192)

In [4]: -x
Out[4]: array([3.3621031e-4932+0.0012454e-5119j,
1.6794099e-4932+0.0011717e-5119j], dtype=complex192)

So, sqrt and using a negation does not seem to work. Have anyone else came
across this as well?

using numpy 1.0.3 on ubuntu

Any help appriciated


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