[Numpy-discussion] parallel numpy (by Brian Granger) - any info?

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko@scipy....
Mon Jan 7 15:26:18 CST 2008

The only one thing I'm very interested in for now - why the most 
simplest matrix operations are not implemented to be parallel in numpy 
yet (for several-CPU computers, like my AMD Athlon X2). First of all 
it's related to matrix multiplication and devision, either point or 
matrix (i.e. like A\B, A*B, dot(A,B)).
Another one highly convenient and rather simple thing to be implemented 
is direct Decart multiplication like it is mentioned in
pyslice (IIRC I had some troubles with installing the one)
I guess for ~95% of users it will be enough, and only 5% will require 
message-pass between subprocesses etc.
BTW, IIRC latest MATLAB can uses 2-processors CPU already, and next 
version is promised to handle 4-processors as well.
Regards, D.

Brian Granger wrote:
> Dmitrey,
> This work is being funded by a new NASA grant that I have at Tech-X
> Corporation where I work.  The grant officially begins as of Jan 18th,
> so not much has been done as of this point.  We have however been
> having some design discussions with various people.
> Here is a broad overview of the proposed work:
> 1) Distributed arrays (dense) based on numpy+pyrex+mpi
> 2) Parallel algorithms that work with those arrays (ffts, linear
> algebra, ufuncs, stats, etc)
> The code will be BSD and will end up mostly in the ipython1 project,
> but parts of it might end up also in numpy and mpi4py as well.
> I am more than willing to share more details about the work if you are
> interested.  But, I will surely post to the numpy list as things move
> forward.
> Brian
> On Jan 7, 2008 1:13 PM, dmitrey <dmitrey.kroshko@scipy.org> wrote:
>> Some days ago there was mentioned a parallel numpy that is developed by
>> Brian Granger.
>> Does the project have any blog or website? Has it any description about
>> API and abilities? When 1st release is intended?
>> Regards, D
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