[Numpy-discussion] parallel numpy (by Brian Granger) - any info?

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Mon Jan 7 22:58:11 CST 2008

Andrew Straw wrote:
> dmitrey wrote:
>> The only one thing I'm very interested in for now - why the most 
>> simplest matrix operations are not implemented to be parallel in numpy 
>> yet (for several-CPU computers, like my AMD Athlon X2).
> For what it's worth, sometimes I *want* my numpy operations to happen 
> only on one core. (So that I can do more important stuff with the others.)
I have not investigated really deeply, but matlab, at least the version 
I tried, had the choice between multi-core and mono-core (at runtime). 
Personally, I have not been really impressed by the speed enhancement: 
nothing scientific, but I tried it on several of my old matlab scripts 
(I rarely use matlab since I am using numpy), and for some things it was 
a bit faster, for some a bit slower. But the multi-core support was said 
to be experimental for that version (it was not enabled by default for 



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