[Numpy-discussion] how to work with mercurial and numpy right now

Ondrej Certik ondrej@certik...
Tue Jan 8 03:04:43 CST 2008


if you want to play with Mercurial now (without forcing everyone else
to leave svn), I suggest this:


I tried that and it works. It's a very easy way to create a hg mirror
at your computer. And then you can take this
as the official upstream repository (which you don't have write access
to). Whenever somone commits
to the svn, you just do hgpullsvn and it updates your mercurial repo.

Then you just clone it and create branches, for example the scons
branch can be easily managed like this.
Then you prepare patches, against your "official local mercurial
mirror", using for example
"hg export", or something, those patches should be possible to apply
against the svn repository as well.
You sent them for review and then (you or someone else) commit them
using svn, then you'll "hgpullsvn" your local mercurial mirror and
merge the changes to all your other branches.


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