[Numpy-discussion] Using svnmerge on numpy: am I missing something ?

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Tue Jan 8 04:16:09 CST 2008

> > In fact, the trunk should be tracked from all the branches, although
> > there will be the problem with merging the different branches (I did
> > not have many troubles with that, but I only tried with a few
> > differences) into the trunk. I don't think only one branch wants to be
> > up to date with the trunk ;).
> Sure, that's what I was trying to do (tracking the trunk). But if
> svnmerge needs the information from the trunk, this means each branch
> will need a different value, whereas only one value is possible...

In fact everything is stored in this single property and it is enough :
svnmerge extracts the revision not merged according to the branch you want
to merge in the trunk (in this case), the other indications for the other
branches are not touched.

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