[Numpy-discussion] Using svnmerge on numpy: am I missing something ?

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Tue Jan 8 13:45:41 CST 2008

David Cournapeau wrote:
> Matthieu Brucher wrote:
>>     > Oups, safe for the "/trunk:1-2871" part. This should be deleted
>>     before
>>     > a commit to the trunk, I think.
>>     Yes, that's what I (quite unclearly) meant: since revision numbers are
>>     per- repository in svn, I don't understand the point of tracking trunk
>>     revisions: I would think that tracking the last merged version for
>>     each
>>     branch to be enough (for the kind of merge svn does, at least). If
>>     trunk
>>     version are tracked, then I would expect two branches using
>>     svnmerge to
>>     clash each other,
>> In fact, the trunk should be tracked from all the branches, although 
>> there will be the problem with merging the different branches (I did 
>> not have many troubles with that, but I only tried with a few 
>> differences) into the trunk. I don't think only one branch wants to be 
>> up to date with the trunk ;).
> Sure, that's what I was trying to do (tracking the trunk). But if 
> svnmerge needs the information from the trunk, this means each branch 
> will need a different value, whereas only one value is possible...

IIRC, its presence in the trunk/'s svnmerge-integrated property is a mistake. It 
belongs in each of the branches independently. For some reason, it got merged 
into the trunk from one of the branches by mistake, possibly because someone 
started merge tracking with svnmerge then another used "svn merge". It should be 

Robert Kern

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