[Numpy-discussion] numpy.linalg.eigvals crashes whn calling lapack_lite.pyd

Simon simonpy2008@gmail....
Tue Jan 8 19:49:23 CST 2008

Newbie here. Trying to generate eigenvalues from a matrix using:

print numpy.linalg.eigvals(matrix)

This works with small matrices, say 5 x 5, but causes python to crash on larger
matrices, say 136 x 136, which is not really very large.


Win XP SP2
Python 2.5.1 (from .msi)
numpy 1.0.4 (from .msi)
pywin32-210 (from .exe installer)

When running from either the command line or the Pythonwin IDE, python.exe
crashes. The info in the microsoft error reporting thingy is:

AppName: python.exe
ModName: lapack_lite.pyd
Offset: 000b7434

Stepping through linalg.py using Pythonwin, I get as far as line 418 (in the
eigvals function):

        results = lapack_routine('N', 'N', n, a, n, wr, wi,
                                 dummy, 1, dummy, 1, work, lwork, 0)

and then python.exe crashes.

That's the extent of my troubleshooting skills at this stage. I haven't worked
out if there is a specific matrix size where this starts occurring. Where to now?

I can send the actual data for the matrix if need be, but as it's very large I
thought it would mess up the list if I posted it here.


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