[Numpy-discussion] Update on using scons to build numpy

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Sat Jan 12 02:53:45 CST 2008

Hi there,

    A quick email to give an update on my work to build numpy with 
scons. I've finished a few days ago to make my former work a separate 
package from numpy: it was more work than I expected because of 
bootstrapping issues, but I can now build numpy again with the new 
package on Linux.

The separate package is called numscons, and is developed using 
launchpad for bug tracking and source code repository:


You can find tarballs for releases there (you want the last one, that is 
0.2.2 at that time):


And you need to use the branch build_with_scons to build numpy with 
numscons (the way to build numpy with scons is as before: you use 
setupscons.py instead of setup.py).

I am now working on cleaning some things in the code (in particular, all 
the changes I had to do to scons itself are now being worked on to be 
integrated upstream, so that upstream scons will be used instead of our 
own cannibalized copy).



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