[Numpy-discussion] numpy.distutils does not output compilation warning on win32 ?

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Mon Jan 21 00:44:05 CST 2008


    I noticed a strange behaviour with distutils: when compiling C code 
on windows (using mingw), the compilation warning are not output on the 
console. For example, umathmodule.c compilation emits the following 

numpy\core\src\umathmodule.c.src:128: warning: static declaration of 
'acoshf' follows non-static declaration
numpy\core\src\umathmodule.c.src:136: warning: static declaration of 
'asinhf' follows non-static declaration

I think this is coming from distutils because when I execute the exact 
same command on the shell, I get those warnings. If there is an error 
(by inserting #error), then all the warnings appear also when using 
distutils, which would suggest that distutils checks the return status 
of gcc to decide when to output should be sent on the shell ? Anyway, if 
we can do something about it, I think it would be better to always 
output warnings (it took me quite a while to understand why I got 
warnings with scons and not with distutils...).



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