[Numpy-discussion] Looking to access C array in numpy.

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Tue Jan 22 14:02:48 CST 2008

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I'm calling some python code from a C++ app via an intermediary library
(i.e. I can't directly create Python C objects like Buffers). I'm
passing a void* (cast to a long) to the python method and I'd like to
use numpy to access that memory as an array. I'll know what the C data
type is and the minimum length of the data. It's a continuous array but
is multiple dimensions (either 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional BIP). I
was able to find a may to create an array accessor over a python buffer
but I'm not sure how to back an array with a void* (as a long) or create
a buffer object for that memory inside python. Could someone point me in
the right direction?

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