[Numpy-discussion] location of ma in maskedarray branch

Eric Firing efiring@hawaii....
Wed Jan 23 01:40:02 CST 2008

Matt Knox wrote:
> I noticed that the new masked array module resides in numpy/ma in the 
> maskedarray branch as opposed to numpy/core/ma  like it does in the 
> current trunk.  Was this intentional? Code that explicitly imports ma 
> from the core subfolder will break from this change (like the 
> __init__.py script for the ma subfolder in matplotlib for example).

I modified mpl to handle this new location, assuming it was intentional 
and likely to remain.  The change is included in release 0.91.2 as well 
as in the svn trunk (formerly the transforms branch) and the svn 
maintenance branch derived from 0.91.2).  The previous location is still 
supported also.


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