[Numpy-discussion] Numpy Example List with Doc updates

Sebastian Haase haase@msg.ucsf....
Fri Jan 25 01:55:05 CST 2008

On Jan 24, 2008 11:07 PM, Filip Wasilewski <filip.wasilewski@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just a small note. I've updated the `Numpy Example List With Doc`[1]
> that is linked from the main doc index. Because I'm not always in the
> loop and the page likes to get out of sync with the base `Numpy
> Example List`[2] and NumPy, I've posted some instructions[3] that you
> might find useful when trying to bring it up-to-date :)
> [1] http://scipy.org/Numpy_Example_List_With_Doc
> [2] http://scipy.org/Numpy_Example_List
> [3] http://scipy.org/Numpy_Example_List_With_Doc/script
a general note:
I like those two pages a lot.
Recently my problem has been however, that they have grown so LARGE
that, I could not open them anymore in a reasonable time....

I suggest:  They would have to get split up - somehow ....
Maybe a script like yours might be the solution !
One could keep the "complete" document page.
And -- instead of splitting each function into a separate page -- it
would be great to sort by "category".
(like creation, comparision, scalar, distribution-functions,...)

My most common usage of these pages is when I don't know what the
right function is, and I'm just browsing through to learn new things.
I understand that ironically the complete-page might be best for this,
but if cannot get it opened entirely, it doesn't help either.

Just some food for thought,
Sebsstian Haase

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