[Numpy-discussion] [ANN] numscons 0.3.0 release

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Fri Jan 25 03:52:16 CST 2008

Hi David,

> > Basically, I'm trying to understand the library discovery, linking
> > steps - ATLAS in particular.
> Don't trust the included doc: it is not up-to-date, and that's the part
> which I totally redesigned since I wrote the initial doc.

>     - For a perflib check to succeed, I try to compile, link and run
> code snippets. Any failure means the Check* function will return failure.
>     - When a perflib Check* succeeds, the meta library check checks that
> another code snippet can be compiled/linked/run.

Thanks - and I agree, for all the reasons you've given in later emails
that this seems like the way to go.

But, in the mean time, I've got problems with the perflib stuff.
Specifically, the scons build is not picking up the atlas library for
blas and lapack that works for the standard build.  I'm on a 64 bit
system, providing an extra layer of complexity.

I've attached the build logs.  I noticed that, for atlas, you check
for atlas_enum.c - but do you in fact need this for the build?
numpy.distutils seemed to be satisfied with cblas.h and clapack.h in
/usr/local/include/atlas.  It's no big deal to copy it from sources,
but was there a reason you chose that file?

The test for linking to blas and lapack from atlas fails too - is this
a false positive?

For both numpy.distutils and numpyscons, default locations of
libraries do not include the lib64 libraries like /usr/local/lib64
that us 64 bit people use.  Is that easy to fix?

Thanks a lot,

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