[Numpy-discussion] Median again

Joris De Ridder Joris.DeRidder@ster.kuleuven...
Tue Jan 29 10:51:07 CST 2008

This feature request has been repeatedly asked before (e.g. 6 months  
ago). The relevant ticket (#558, although this only asks for axis  
support) mentions a milestone 1.1. I would like to ask if it could be  
moved somewhat higher on the priority list.

I provided some code for axis support (see ticket), which I largely  
copied from the Scipy version back then. I suspect there are many  
other people who also implemented their own customized median()  
function that has axis support.

> median moved mediandim0
> implementation of medianwithaxis or similar, with same call  
> signature as mean.
> Deprecation warning for use of median, and return of mediandim0 for
> now.  Eventual move of median to return medianwithaxis.

This would confuse people even more, I'm afraid. First they're said  
that median() is deprecated, and then later on it becomes the standard  
function to use. I would actually prefer a short pain rather than a  
long one.


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