[Numpy-discussion] argsort memory problem?

Francesc Altet faltet@carabos....
Tue Jan 29 12:02:14 CST 2008

A Tuesday 29 January 2008, Lou Pecora escrigué:
> This still occurs in numpy  so must have been
> fixed between that and your 1.0.4-5 version.

It works here and I'm using NumPy 1.0.3, Python 2.5.1 on a Ubuntu 7.10 / 
Pentium4 machine.

> By the way the memory problem crashes my Intel Mac
> Book Pro (system 10.4.11) with the gray screen and
> black dialog box telling me to restart my computer.  A
> very UN-unix like and UN-Mac like way of handling a
> memory problem IMHO.  Let us Mac people not be too
> smug.

Um, it would be nice if some other Mac-user can reproduce your problem. 
Perhaps you are suffering some other problem that can be exposed by 
this code snip.


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