[Numpy-discussion] Read-only mercurial mirror of numpy trunk available

Ondrej Certik ondrej@certik...
Wed Jan 30 03:52:30 CST 2008

> > Better solution is to keep the tags in a Mercurial Queues patch, as I did.
> Good. As I said, I know bzr much better than hg, and I did the mirror to
> get something started (and get used to hg, too). Since you know hg, it
> is better than you maintain this for a while for people to try it out.

I also just found that if I serve the hg repository generated by
"hgpullsvn" directly, the tags are visible on the web, but not when
you clone.
I sometimes do hg mirrors of some svn projects just to browse the
history conveniently, so this is handy.


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