[Numpy-discussion] Visual studio with mingw g77 built libraries

David Cournapeau cournape@gmail....
Thu Jan 31 00:25:26 CST 2008


    I would like to ask some details about the build process of numpy
when visual studio is used for C compilation, and g77 for blas/lapack.
As I understand it, the current situation consists in using libraries
built the "Unix way" (e.g. libblas.a, static library built with ar +
ranlib), taking the gcc runtimes on the fly (libgcc and g2c), and put
everything together to feed VS compiler. I wonder if we should not use
another way, that is use libraries built the "windows way" (dll +
lib). I think it is more natural (and would also make my life easier
for numscons):

 - it would means that on windows, all compilers combination would
follow a similar process.
 - dll and lib are more natural for windows developers (who are the
ones using VS in the first place).

The only difference for users would be in the way blas/lapack should
be built. Is there a reason why this was not the chosen path ? Is it
because it would have been too difficult to do it with distutils
(using dlltool and co) ? Or other reasons I am not aware of ?



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