[Numpy-discussion] blcr checkpoint/restart

Neal Becker ndbecker2@gmail....
Thu Jan 31 06:19:24 CST 2008

Hi numeric processing fans.  I'm pleased to report that you can now have
convenient checkpoint/restart, at least if you are running fedora linux.

Berkeley Lab Checkpoint/Restart for Linux (BLCR) 

What I've done is:
1) built 2 rpm packages for blcr.  First installs everything except kernel
module.  2nd is the kernel module, packaged for use with akmods, which will
be (I think) the kmod format of choice in rpmfusion.

2) made a python ctypes module to use it.  This allows your python program
to checkpoint itself.

You will need a couple of packages from livna development to use this:
rpm -q --whatprovides kmodtool
rpm -q --whatprovides akmods

You can find this stuff here:

I grabbed the development srpms from livna and built them for my F8 machine.

My stuff is here:

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