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Thu Jan 31 06:23:36 CST 2008

A Wednesday 30 January 2008, Timothy Hochberg escrigué:
> [...a fine explanation by Anne and Timothy...]

Ok. As it seems that this subject has interest enough, I went ahead and 
created a small document about views vs copies at:


I think it resumes what has been said in this thread, but feel free to 
update it if you find some inaccuracy or want to complete it more.

Although perhaps this is more a FAQ than a recipe, I've added it to the 
SciPy cookbook because I find it a bit long for a FAQ entry (but I may 
be wrong).  In fact, I feel that the cookbook would need some 
reorganization, because there are too many different subjects in 
NumPy/SciPy section of http://www.scipy.org/Cookbook.

One first action, IMHO, would be to create separate NumPy/SciPy FAQs and 
Cookbooks.  It's my impression that NumPy is a much more general tool 
than SciPy with much less requeriments to install, test and use it, and 
having such a monolithic merge of NumPy and SciPy cookbok could 
discourage many potential NumPy users that might see NumPy as 'too 

After that, I'd introduce a new subsection called 'Advanced topics' in 
both NumPy & SciPy FAQ/Cookbook.  For example, currently there exists 
things like "SphericalBesselZeros", "Savitzky Golay filtering of data" 
in the first section of the cookbook, which is clearly a bit 
overhelming for the naive user.

I'd like to hear some comments about this proposal from the community.

At any rate, I've placed the "ViewsVsCopies" entry under a new section 
that I created in the cookbook, that I called "Advanced topics", but 
I'm open to suggestions on a better name/place.


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