[Numpy-discussion] matrix <-> ndarray bug

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko@scipy....
Thu Jan 31 10:44:31 CST 2008

Alan G Isaac wrote:
> On Thu, 31 Jan 2008, dmitrey apparently wrote:
>> already fixed in more recent versions? 
> Yes, at least it's fixed in my 1.0.4.
> By the way, do you know about the ``A`` attribute of matrices?
Yes, I know, but numpy.ndarray has no the attribute (I had said it's 
better to be present, as well as .M for matrices, but numpy developers 
hadn't paid attention), and since I don't know does user pass ndarray or 
matrix to a func, it's better using asfarray(a) than a.A (later will 
fail on ndarrays)
Regards, D.

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