[Numpy-discussion] searchsorted bug

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Thu Jan 31 13:52:14 CST 2008

James Philbin wrote:
> I can't fathom where the comparison functions exist in the code. It
> seems that the comparison signature is of the form (void*, void*,
> PyArrayObject*), so it doesn't seem possible at the moment to specify
> a compare function which can reason about the underlying types of the
> two void*'s. However, I think arrays of strings are a common enough
> use case that they should work as expected - would it be possible to
> extend the comparison type to accept two integers specifying the types
> of the arguments?

Try out latest SVN.  It should have this problem fixed.  Look at the 
diff to see the fix (note that copies are made if the types are not 
"exactly" the same --- meaning the same length if variable types).

-Travis O.

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