[Numpy-discussion] set_local_path in test files

Pearu Peterson pearu@cens.ioc...
Wed Jul 2 08:35:12 CDT 2008

Alan McIntyre wrote:
> Some test files have a set_local_path()/restore_path() pair at the
> top, and some don't.  Is there any reason to be changing sys.path like
> this in the test modules?  If not, I'll take them out when I see them.

The idea behind set_local_path is that it allows running tests
inside subpackages without the need to rebuild the entire package.
set_local_path()/restore_path() are convenient when debugging or
developing a subpackage.
If you are sure that there are no bugs in numpy subpackges
that need such debugging process, then the set_local_path()
restore_path() calls can be removed. (But please do not
remove them from scipy tests files, rebuilding scipy just
takes too much time and debugging subpackages globally would
be too painful).


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