[Numpy-discussion] failure with numpy.inner

Gregor Thalhammer gregor.thalhammer@gmail....
Sat Jul 5 09:03:19 CDT 2008

After upgrading to NumPy 1.1.0 (I installed 
numpy-1.1.0-win32-superpack-pyhon2.5) I observed a fatal failure with 
the following code which uses numpy.inner

import numpy
F = numpy.zeros(shape = (1,79), dtype = numpy.float64)
#this suceeds
FtF = numpy.inner(F,F.copy())
#this fails
FtF = numpy.inner(F,F)

The failure (Exception code 0xc0000005) happens in _dotblas.pyd. I use 
Windows XP on a Intel Core2Duo system. Further, I could observe that it 
depends on the size of the array wether this failure appears or not.

I submitted this report also as ticket #844.

I hope somebody can track down the reason for this behaviour (and fix it).

Gregor Thalhammer

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