[Numpy-discussion] Debian: numpy not building _dotblas.so

Ondrej Certik ondrej@certik...
Mon Jul 7 09:44:54 CDT 2008


we have this problem in Debian:


The problem is that numpy should not depend on atlas unconditionally,
yet it should allow it for users that have it.

I am not an expert in blas/lapack/atlas and it's Debian packaging much
(I know some people say that atlas packaging in Debian is not very
good, actually pretty bad), so I am just forwarding the question here.

The problem is with this patch:


and the question that we have is:

<doko> I'd like to know, if the code was changed to only work with
atlas, or if was never working. if it's the latter, then we should use

Matthias, Tiziano, feel free to clarify this more. See the above
Debian bug for more information and background.


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