[Numpy-discussion] element-wise logical operations on numpy arrays

Catherine Moroney Catherine.M.Moroney@jpl.nasa....
Wed Jul 9 11:21:54 CDT 2008


I have a question about performing element-wise logical operations
on numpy arrays.

If "a", "b" and "c" are numpy arrays of the same size, does the  
syntax work?

mask = (a > 1.0) & ((b > 3.0) | (c > 10.0))

It seems to be performing correctly, but the documentation that I've  
indicates that "&" and "|" are for bitwise operations, not element-by-
element operations in arrays.

I'm trying to avoid using "logical_and" and "logical_or" because they
make the code more cumbersome and difficult to read.  Are "&" and "|"
acceptable substitutes for numpy arrays?



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