[Numpy-discussion] Schedule for 1.2.0

Jarrod Millman millman@berkeley....
Sun Jul 13 03:51:24 CDT 2008

The NumPy 1.2.0 release date (8/24/08) is rapidly approaching and we
need everyone's help.  David Cournapeau has volunteered to take the
lead on coordinating this release.

The main focus of this release is on improved documentation and a new
testing framework based on nose with only a few new features.  The
only new features that I am aware of being planned for this release
 * Robert Kern has a function that does efficient, pure-Python
broadcasting of arrays. It is quite useful in certain instances where
you want to have
the broadcasting feature of ufuncs but cannot cast your function into
a form where you can make use of ufuncs.
 * When writing big arrays to filelike objects in the new NPY format
introduced in 1.1, it would be good to do so in chunks.  Robert de
Almeida's arrayterator would do the job well.  When Robert K.
implemented the NPY format, he asked him if we could use arrayterator
in numpy and expose it as a public API in numpy, too.  He agreed, but
he had some fixes to do and unit tests to write.  This has now been
completed and arrayterator 1.0 has been released:

Another issue that we should address is whether it is OK to postpone
the planned API changes to histogram and median.  A couple of people
have mentioned to me that they would like to delay the API changes to
1.3, which seems reasonable to me.  If anyone would prefer that we
make the planned API changes for histogram and median in 1.2, please
speak now.

Here is the schedule for 1.2.0:
 - 8/05/08     tag the 1.1.1rc1 release and prepare packages
 - 8/12/08     tag the 1.1.1rc2 release and prepare packages
 - 8/23/08     tag the 1.1.1 release and prepare packages
 - 8/24/08     announce release
We need to follow this schedule as closely as possible because we
should get SciPy 0.7.0 out ASAP (I will send an email out about scipy
0.7.0 tomorrow).  Also it would be very good to have release
candidates of the newest NumPy and SciPy available for the SciPy 2008
conference.  I would also like to get them both out in time for the
new school year.

If you have any additional features that you have been working on,
please let me know ASAP.  Otherwise, all feature development should
take place on a branch from this point forward.

If you want to open a ticket specifically for this bug-fix release,
please use the NumPy 1.2.0 milestone:


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