[Numpy-discussion] Doctests for extensions/cython code

Alan McIntyre alan.mcintyre@gmail....
Sun Jul 13 09:28:08 CDT 2008

On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 2:32 AM, Fernando Perez <fperez.net@gmail.com> wrote:
> For numpy, we obviously must first remove all the ipython-specific
> code from there.  The two plugins are separated,  so it's perfectly
> doable, I just ran out of time.  I'm putting it here in the hopes that
> it will be useful to Alan, who can strip it of the ipython
> dependencies and start using it in the numpy tests.

Thanks! I'll see if I can work this in soon.

> The one thing I didn't figure out yet was how to load the plugin from
> within a python script (instead of  doing it at the command line via
> 'nosetests --extdoctests').  But this should be trivial, it's just a
> matter of  finding the right call in nose, and you may already know
> it.

If you're constructing a TestProgram, you can pass in a list of plugin
instances.  If I recall correctly, you have to pass in every plugin
that you might want to use, even if they're builtin (I suppose the
given list replaces the internal plugin list somewhere, I haven't
traced it).  So if you leave the doctest plugin out of this list, for
example, the "--with-doctest" will cause an error.  (This is all from
memory, though, so take it with a grain of salt)

> I don't know if today's numpy.test() picks up doctests in extension
> modules (if it does, I'd like to know how).  I suspect the answer is
> not, but if we are to encourage better examples that serve as
> doctests, then actdually testing them would be good.

I'd be surprised if it did; I'll have a look.

> I hope this helps in that regard.

Certainly, thanks for doing it!

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