[Numpy-discussion] RFC: A proposal for implementing some date/time types in NumPy

Francesc Alted faltet@pytables....
Tue Jul 15 05:49:03 CDT 2008

A Monday 14 July 2008, Pierre GM escrigué:
> On Monday 14 July 2008 15:12:18 Francesc Alted wrote:
> > I see.  However, the more I think about this, the more I see the
> > need to split the date/time functionalities and duties in two
> > parts:
> >
> > * the first one implementing a date/time dtype with the basic
> > functionality for timestamping and/or time-interval measuring.
> That would be our Date class

That's correct.  Having this functionality in a native dtype will allow 
for much more flexibility, though.

> > * the second part would be a specific array container of date/time
> > types (which maybe perfectly a porting of the DateArray of the
> > scikits.timeseries that would be based on the date/time type) where
> > one can implement all of the functionality (like the one that you
> > are proposing above) that escapes to a humble date/time dtype.
> That would be our DateArray class indeed...

Yes.  In fact, I'd like to see the ``DateArray`` using the new date/time 
dtypes as soon as possible after their eventual introduction in NumPy.

> Francesc, Chris, may I suggest you to try TimeSeries if you didn't
> already ? That way you could see what kind of features are missing
> and which ones should be improved with the new dtype ?

Will do, don't worry.  The wheel has been invented too many times 
already ;-)

Thanks a lot for being so persistent about the TimeSeries! ;-)

Francesc Alted

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