[Numpy-discussion] Recommendations for using numpy ma?

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Tue Jul 15 16:55:31 CDT 2008


What used to be numpy.core.ma is now numpy.oldnumeric.ma, but this latter isd 
no longer supported and will disappear soon as well. Just use numpy.ma

If you really need support to ancient versions of numpy, just check the import
   import numpy.core.ma as ma
except ImportError:
   import numpy as ma

Then, you need to replace every mention of numpy.core.ma in your code by ma.
Your example would then become:

unmaskedArr = numpy.array(
        mask = mask & self.stretchExcludeBits,
        dtype = float,

On another note: wha't the problem with 'compressed' ? It should return a 
ndarray, why/how doesn't it work ?

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