[Numpy-discussion] Masked arrays and pickle/unpickle

Anthony Floyd anthony.floyd@convergent...
Wed Jul 16 16:47:38 CDT 2008

We have an application that has previously used masked arrays from Numpy
1.0.3.  Part of saving files from that application involved pickling
data types that contained these masked arrays.

In the latest round of library updates, we've decided to move to the
most recent version of matplotlib, which requires Numpy 1.1.

Unfortunately, when we try to unpickle the data saved with Numpy 1.0.3
in the new code using Numpy 1.1.0, it chokes because it can't import
numpy.core.ma for the masked arrays.  A check of Numpy 1.1.0 shows that
this is now numpy.ma.core.

Does anyone have any advice on how we can unpickle the old data files
and update the references to the new classes?


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