[Numpy-discussion] Testing -heads up with #random

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Thu Jul 17 03:25:25 CDT 2008

Hi Alan,

I was trying to reuse your #random checker for ipython but kept
running into problems.  Is it working for you in numpy in actual code?
 Because in the entire SVN tree I only see it mentioned here:

maqroll[numpy]> grin #random
   43 :                     if "#random" in want:
   67 :         # "#random" directive to allow executing a command
while ignoring its
  375 : # try the #random directive on the output line
  379 :     <BadExample object at 0x084D05AC>  #random: may vary on your system

I'm asking because I suspect it is NOT working for numpy.  The reason
is some really nasty, silent exception trapping being done by nose.
In nose's loadTestsFromModule,  which you've overridden to include:

                yield NumpyDocTestCase(test,

it's likely that this line can cause an exception (at least it was
doing it for me in ipython, because this class inherits from npd but
tries to directly call __init__ from doctest.DocTestCase).
Unfortunately, nose  will  silently swallow *any* exception there,
simply ignoring your tests and not even telling you what happened.
Very, very annoying.  You can see if you have an exception by doing
something like

                dt = DocTestCase(test,
                from IPython import ultraTB
            yield dt

to force a traceback printing.

Anyway, I mention this because I just wasted a good chunk of time
fighting this one for ipython, where I need the #random functionality.
 It seems it's not used in numpy yet, but I imagine it will soon, and
I figured I'd save you some time.



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