[Numpy-discussion] Ticket review: #848, leak in PyArray_DescrFromType

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Fri Jul 18 23:35:50 CDT 2008

> I've attached a test script.
Thank you!   It looks like with that added DECREF, the reference count 
leak is gone.    While it was a minor issue (it should be noted that 
reference counting errors on the built-in data-types won't cause 
issues), it is nice to clean these things up when we can.

I agree that the arrtype_new function is hairy, and I apologize for 
that.   The scalartypes.inc.src was written very quickly.   I added a 
few more comments in the change to the function (and removed a 
hard-coded hackish multiply with one that takes into account the actual 
size of Py_UNICODE).


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