[Numpy-discussion] building a better OSX install for 1.1.1

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Mon Jul 21 14:23:55 CDT 2008

Christopher Burns wrote:
> install numpy and they _do not_ have this version of python installed, 
> Installer.app issues a warning:
> "numpy requires System Python 2.5 to install."
> The phrase "System Python" is misleading, it's reasonable to assume that 
> refers to the system version of python.  So I'd like to change it.
> This string is stored in an Info.plist buried in the .mpkg that 
> bdist_mpkg builds.  I'd like to be able to override that string from the 
> command line, but there does not seem to be any options for changing the 
> requirements from the command line.

I've poked into the bdist_mpkg code a bit, and I think this is where 
that message is generated:

# plists.py

name = u'%s Python %s' % (FRIENDLY_PREFIX.get(dprefix, dprefix), version)
     kw.setdefault('LabelKey', name)
     title = u'%s requires %s to install.' % (pkgname, name,)

and here:

     os.path.expanduser(u'~/Library/Frameworks') : u'User',
     u'/System/Library/Frameworks' : u'Apple',
     u'/Library/Frameworks' : u'System',
     u'/opt/local' : u'DarwinPorts',
     u'/usr/local' : u'Unix',
     u'/sw' : u'Fink',

So, it looks like they are calling "/System/Library/Frameworks" "Apple", 
and "/Library/Frameworks" "system", which we all seem to agree is 

So I'd say change that in the bdist_mpkg source, maybe to:

     u'/Library/Frameworks' : u'python.org',

or even:

     u'/Library/Frameworks' : u'python.org Framework Build',

This calls for a note to the pythonmac list -- someone there will 
hopefully have access to that source repository.


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