[Numpy-discussion] asarray issue with type codes

Damian Eads eads@soe.ucsc....
Mon Jul 28 18:50:52 CDT 2008

Hi there,

I ran into a little problem in some type checking code for a C extension
I'm writing. I construct X as a C-long array and then I cast it to a C-int
array Y, however the type code does not change. However, when I try
constructing the array from scratch as a C-int, I get the right type code
(ie 5).

I assumed that when X gets casted to a C-int, no copying should occur but
a new array view should be constructed with the C-int type code. What's
wrong with this logic?

Also note that casting from a C-long (type code 7) to a double to a C-int
returns an array with the right type code, although a double copy occurs.


# Construct X as a C-long.

In [16]: X=numpy.zeros((10,10),dtype='l')

# Now cast X to a C-int.

In [17]: Y=numpy.asarray(X, dtype='i')

# Check X and Y's data type; they are the same.

In [18]: X.dtype
Out[18]: dtype('int32')

In [19]: Y.dtype
Out[19]: dtype('int32')

# Their type codes are the same.

In [20]: X.dtype.num
Out[20]: 7

In [21]: Y.dtype.num
Out[21]: 7

# Constructing with dtype='i', gives the right type code.

In [22]: Z=numpy.zeros((10,10),dtype='i')

In [23]: Z.dtype
Out[23]: dtype('int32')

In [24]: Z.dtype.num
Out[24]: 5

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