[Numpy-discussion] The date/time dtype and the casting issue

Francesc Alted faltet@pytables....
Wed Jul 30 13:30:46 CDT 2008

A Wednesday 30 July 2008, Tom Denniston escrigué:
> If it's really just weekdays why not call it that instead of using a
> term like business days that (quite confusingly) suggests holidays
> are handled properly?

Well, we were adopting the name from the TimeSeries package.  Perhaps 
the authors can answer this better than me.

> Also, I view the timezone and holiday issues as totally seperate.  I
> would definately NOT recommend basing holidays on a timezone because
> holidays are totally unrelated to timezones.  Usually when you deal
> with holidays, because they vary by application and country and
> change over time, you provide a calendar as an outside input.  That
> would be very useful if that were allowed, but might make the
> implementation rather complex.

Yeah, I agree in that timezone and holiday issues as totally separate 
issues.  I only wanted to stress out that the implementation of these 
things is *complex*, and that this was the reason to not consider them.

Francesc Alted

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