[Numpy-discussion] patches to reduce import costs

Andrew Dalke dalke@dalkescientific....
Thu Jul 31 15:44:38 CDT 2008

I don't see a place to submit patches.  Is there a patch manager for  

Here's a patch to defer importing 'tempfile' until needed.  I  
previously mentioned one other place that didn't need tempfile.  With  
this there is no 'import tempfile' during 'import numpy'

This improves startup by about 7%

--- numpy/lib/_datasource.py    (revision 5576)
+++ numpy/lib/_datasource.py    (working copy)
@@ -35,7 +35,6 @@
  __docformat__ = "restructuredtext en"

  import os
-import tempfile
  from shutil import rmtree
  from urlparse import urlparse

@@ -131,6 +130,7 @@
              self._destpath = os.path.abspath(destpath)
              self._istmpdest = False
+            import tempfile
              self._destpath = tempfile.mkdtemp()
              self._istmpdest = True


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